Scam : Is Bric Trade Real Or Fake? | Bric Trade Review 2024

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Is Bric Trade Real Or Fake? If you are interested in trading or finding different ways to earn money online you may have seen an Advertisement of Bric Trade Application.

In the advertisement, they claim that with some deposits and predicting the direction of the graph you can get returns if your prediction is true.

In this blog post, we are going to see whether the is Bric trade real or fake. Are they calming right or Bric trade is just a scam?

Read this complete blog post that will tell you if should you start trading with Bric trade. What are better apps than Bric Trade?

After reading this post you will get answers to all the above questions & along with this, you can identify the truth of all such applications.

What Is Bric Trade?

As per their claim, Bric Trade is an online application that helps you to earn money by predicting the direction of a graph.

On Bric trade, you can trade in various currencies, crypto & commodities and earn money after the prediction is right.

Is Bric Trade Real Or Fake?

No, BRIC trade is not a real trading application. It most likely comes under the gambling or betting application.

But why it is like a gambling application? The Bric trade looks like a gambling application because of:

How Brick Trade App Works?

As you install the application from the Play Store you can navigate to the About, help, trade, deals & profile tabs.

In the deals tab, you can choose what to trade crypto, forex, or commodity market, The Deals tab looks like the below screenshot:

Bric Trade Real Or Fake? | Bric Trade Review

After choosing what to trade you will be redirected to the trade tab here you can enter the trade & exit the trade as shown in following image:

What Are Problems In Brick Trade?

There are various problems with the BRIC trade, which makes them look like fake trading applications some of them are as follows:

  1. It is not authorized by SEBI
  2. You can set accurate target, take profit.
  3. An Unrealistich margin of 75%, which is very unusual.
  4. Predefined Time Trade sessions which makes it look like gambling.

What is Real Trading? & Best Apps For Trading

If you want to find what real trading application look like then you should look following characteristics in it:

  1. Autorised by Government Officials & follows all regulations.
  2. Full Control over trade.
  3. Not unrealistic leverages (In India its up to 5X).
  4. You can do technical analysis with different tools to take accurate entry.
  5. In the real trading application you can use different strategies like gap up, gap down, etc.

Similar Apps Like Bric Trade

In the market, there are apps like Bric Trade that seem to encourage gambling while pretending to be about trading. Here is list of trading apps which functions same as Bric trade:

  1. Guru Trade
  2. Rubik Trade
  3. TT Trade
  4. Comment More.

Conclusion On Is Bric Trade Real Or Fake? | Should You Trade On Bric Trade?

After reading all above information you should understand that in 2024 you should not put money in such fake (Gray) trading applications like Bric Trade.

I Suggest you to do some more research in the Trading & Finance Feild like what is stock trading?, how trading works?, how to find the best stocks to trade, risk management, etc.

Avoid putting your large fund in such spammy application

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