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Last Updated: March 17, 2024 By Hemant

We are happy that you want to know about us. I am Amit from the backend of this website. I am a software engineer & have good expertise in Python. I also like to research stocks, and mutual funds and play with different types of indicators in stock trading like volume, moving average, Bollinger bands, etc

I am using my programming skills along with my interest in the stock market to generate posts for you. The purpose of this website is to give the different types of metrics relayed to stocks like price history, dividend history, and price predictions that will make your investing & trading journey easy & safe.

What Is Term Share Price Target?

A share price target is the estimated price of a share in a particular year or a particular period. In simple words prediction of share price of in particular period.

How We Determine The Share Price Target?

We determine the share price target of the share by analysing different types of metrics that are as follows:

What Is Share Price History?

The share price history of the stock is the track of the historical high, low, dividend, 52 weak high, etc

How We Gather The Information About Stocks?

We gather information about stocks from the Official website of NSE & some information is gathered from Google Finance.

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About the Author

Amit is a stock market geek who loves learning new terms and predicting share prices. He spends most of his time reading up on the latest news and trends to expand his understanding of the market.

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